Wayne Township Trustee Office Building

Mon-Thurs 8-4, Fri 8-12






1.00.00.          OFFICE HOURS:  8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Monday through Thursday

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Friday

                        OFFICE ADDRESS: 320 East Superior Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

                        TRUSTEE:   Richard A Stevenson, Sr.          

1.00.01. TELEPHONE LISTING – [Phone number (260) 449-7000].  The Township telephone number is listed in the "White Pages" under “Wayne Township Trustee Office.”  The Township answering machine will answer calls when the office is closed, provide information, and record a message.  We try to return all calls within twenty-four (24) hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  (IC 12-20-5.5)

1.00.02. ASSISTANCE UPON NECESSITY – The Township Trustee, as administrator of township assistance, may provide and shall extend township assistance only when the personal effort of the township assistance applicant fails to provide one (1) or more basic necessities.  (IC 12-20-16-1)

1.10.00. APPLICATIONS – An individual desiring to make an initial application for assistance from the Township will go through an intake process where he or she will be informed of the services available and the criteria used to determine eligibility.  The client will be given a general list of documents and/or information needed to complete an application and affidavit (Schedule A). It is the ultimate responsibility of the applicant and/or members of the applicant's household to furnish all necessary documentation. The application is good for one hundred eighty (180) days from the date it is received by the Trustee. (IC 12-20-6-1a) Applicants will be required to complete the application by their own hand.  If an applicant cannot read or has difficulty completing this process, he or she may request assistance.

Except under special emergency conditions no township assistance will be granted at any time except by a personal request at the Trustee's office. Wayne Township has developed an alphabetical application schedule as listed below.  The first letter of the client’s last name determines his or her letter day.

A thru F            MONDAY

G thru L            TUESDAY

M thru R           WEDNESDAY

S thru Z            THURSDAY

Letter days do not apply when an applicant requests emergency assistance such as medical, burial or food assistance.  Availability of personnel and time constraints may necessitate the rescheduling of walk-in clients.

1.10.01. RECERTIFICATION – A client may need to request assistance more than once and the client’s household conditions may change during the one hundred eighty (180) day period that the application is in effect.  Under those circumstances the Township Trustee will only extend additional or continuing aid upon completion by the client of an affidavit, “Application for Additional or Continuing Township Assistance” (Schedule B), containing the request for assistance and affirming how, if at all, the personal condition of the individual or the household has changed from that set forth in that client’s most recent application.   (IC 12-20-6-1 (d))

1.10.02. RESIDENCY – All applicants are required to present a valid, government-issued, picture identification card. It is necessary for the Trustee to make some determination as to the applicant's living arrangements and whether they are physically living in the township, or whether they intend to make Wayne Township of Allen County their permanent place of residence.  In cases of emergency, however, the Trustee may provide temporary assistance to applicants who are temporarily in the township unless the applicant is specifically in the township in order to receive township assistance benefits.  This should not be interpreted or construed to mean that individuals living in the adjoining townships may come to Wayne Township for emergency shelter assistance or for help moving into Wayne Township.

1.20.00. COOPERATION – All household members 18 years of age and older will be required to sign the "APPLICATION FOR TOWNSHIP ASSISTANCE - FORM TA-1" (Schedule A) and any other form, instrument or document required by law, or determined to be necessary by the Trustee. (IC 12-20-6-8) Individuals pending a determination for Supplemental Security Income benefits will be required to sign a Social Security Reimbursement Authorization form (Schedule C) for interim assistance reimbursement. All applicants must consent to a disclosure and release for information about the applicant and the applicant's household before township assistance may be provided. (IC 12-20-7-1) The household will be required to cooperate with an investigation of all finances, family responsibilities, and eligibility to receive other types of governmental assistance.  The investigation may include a home visit and/or contact with any relative of the applicant to determine if that relative may be able and willing to assist.  (IC 12-20-6-9 (9) and 12-20-6-10 (b))  A "relative," for this purpose, is defined as a parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, sibling, grandparent, step-grandparent, grandchild, or step-grandchild of the township assistance applicant.

1.30.00. APPLICATION REVIEW – In a case of emergency, the Trustee shall accept and promptly act upon a completed application from an individual requesting assistance.  In a non-emergency request for township assistance, the Trustee shall act on the application not later than seventy-two (72) hours after receiving the completed application, excluding weekends and legal holidays.  Unusual circumstances, such as the need for further information concerning the household, may necessitate an additional seventy-two (72) hour period, during which time the applicant’s request will be "pending." The Trustee may pend, approve or deny assistance and will report to the applicant the specific reasons for whatever action is taken. (IC 12-20-6-7)

1.30.01. REFERRALS – If the Trustee authorizes township assistance on an emergency basis and refers the applicant or a member of the applicant's household to make application for another governmental program, the client has fifteen (15) working days after the date the township assistance is authorized to make application for public assistance and comply with all the requirements necessary for completing the application process.  Failure to comply will, by law, result in a denial of township assistance for sixty (60) days following the emergency grant of township assistance. (IC 12-20-6-5)

1.30.02. NON-EMERGENCY REFERRALS – If, before granting non-emergency township assistance, the Trustee determines that an applicant or a member of an applicant's household may be eligible for public assistance other than township assistance, the applicant or household member shall be required to make an application and comply with all necessary requirements for completing the application process for public assistance administered by 1) the Division of Family Resources and its county offices and/or 2) any other federal or state governmental entity, within fifteen (15) working days after the Township's referral. Failure to comply may result in a denial of assistance for up to sixty (60) days.  (IC 12-20-6-5.5)

1.30.03. NOTICE OF ACTION – The applicant will be given a written notice of the township’s decision.  If assistance is granted, whether wholly or partially, the amount and type of assistance will be noted in writing.  If assistance is denied, the reasons for the denial will be stated, along with the type and amount of assistance denied.  The notice will be on FORM TA-1A (Schedule D) which will also inform the applicant of his or her right to appeal the Trustee's decision not more than fifteen (15) days from the date of issuance.  This appeal must be made in writing or orally to the Office of the Allen County Commissioners. The TA-1A may be presented personally or mailed to the applicant at his or her last known address. (IC 12-20-6-8 and 12-20-15-2)

1.40.00. DENIALS – The following circumstances are grounds for denial of requests for township assistance. (This list is not exhaustive.)

1.40.01. If the township finds that an individual has provided false information in order to gain public assistance, including falsifying an application or affidavit, failing to report or under-reporting income, or attempting to gain assistance by means of conduct described in IC 35-43-5-7 (Welfare Fraud), the township may refuse to extend aid for sixty (60) days. (IC 12-20-6-6.5 (b))

1.40.02. If a person is convicted of an offense under IC 35-43-5-7 (Welfare Fraud), the Trustee will not extend aid to or for the benefit of the individual for the following periods:  one (1) year for a misdemeanor conviction or ten (10) years for a felony conviction. (IC 12-20-6-6.5) 

1.40.03. The Trustee will require able applicants or adult members of an applicant's household to furnish documented evidence that they are actively seeking employment. Failure to seek and/or to accept gainful employment, whether the compensation for the work will be payable in money, house rent, or in commodities consisting of the necessities of life and/or failure to return employment forms documenting an applicant’s sincere effort to obtain employment will result in a denial of township assistance.  (IC 12-20-10-1 and 12-20-10-2)

1.40.04. The Township may deny assistance to an applicant if he/she or an adult member of the household voluntarily terminates gainful employment or is involuntarily terminated for just cause during the 60 days prior to the date of application for township assistance. (IC 12-7-2-200.5)

1.40.05. A denial will be given for shelter assistance to an otherwise eligible individual if 1) the individual's most recent residence was provided by his or her parent, guardian, or foster parent; and 2) the individual, without just cause (as determined by the Trustee), leaves that residence for the shelter for which the individual seeks assistance.  (IC 12-20-16-17 (g))

1.40.06. The Trustee may deny assistance to applicants whose income exceeds the herein established guidelines (Schedule H). (IC 12-20-5.5-6 (a))

1.40.07. The Township is not obligated to provide assistance to a household with an adult member who is a full-time student unless the student was referred to his or her course of study by
the Trustee. Failure of an applicant or adult member of the applicant's household to participate in a work training program offered by a federal, state, or local government entity or Act, or nonprofit agency is grounds for denial. (IC 12-20-12-1)

1.40.08. Failure of an applicant or applicant's household, within fifteen (15) working days of the Trustee’s granting of assistance, to make and complete the application process for other governmental programs for which they may qualify or failure to participate or comply with, after being advised by the Trustee, a program offered by any public or private agency may result in denial of assistance. See 1.30.01 and 1.30.02 above.

1.40.09. The Trustee is not obligated to provide assistance to an individual who at the time assistance is requested is 1) under the influence of drugs or alcohol or 2) incapable of self-care. Furthermore, the Trustee may, at no cost to the Township, refer an individual described above, to an appropriate agency or facility located in the county or in an adjoining county that has a program or charter specifically addressing the programs of substance abuse, mental illness, or self-care.

1.40.10. Violence, threats of violence, or abusive language used in or around the Trustee office, premises, or at activities sponsored or endorsed by the Trustee’s office will not be tolerated and may be grounds for denial of services for up to ninety (90) days. 

1.40.11. Failure to accept adequate, free or low cost shelter arrangements is grounds for denial. (IC 12-7-2-200.5, 12-20-16, 12-20-6.5). See also 1.00.02, 1.20.00, 1.40.08, 1.40.12, 1.40.13, 1.40.17, and 1.40.20.

1.40.12. Wasting resources that could and should have been applied to the household's basic necessities is grounds for a denial of assistance. "Wasted resources” consist of any of the following: 1) money or resources expended by an applicant or adult member of an applicant’s household seeking township assistance during the thirty (30) days before the date of application for township assistance for items or services that are not basic necessities; 2) income, resources, or tax supported services lost or reduced as a result of a voluntary act during the sixty (60) days before the date of application for township assistance by an adult member of an applicant’s household unless the adult member can establish a good reason for the act;  3) lump sum amounts of money or resources from tax refunds, lawsuits, inheritances, or pension payments of at least four hundred dollars ($400.00) that are expended by an applicant seeking township assistance or an adult member of the applicant’s household during the one hundred eighty (180) days immediately preceding the date of application for township assistance for items or services that are not basic necessities if, at the time of the expenditure, there were amounts due and owing for items or services constituting basic necessities. (IC 12-7-2-200.5)

1.40.13. An applicant who has been evicted from subsidized housing for violation of regulations and/or guidelines within 60 days prior to the date of application or who voluntarily terminates housing assistance without just cause (as established by the Trustee) has wasted a resource and may be denied assistance. (IC 12-7-2-200.5)

1.40.14. Failure to liquidate non-essential assets (See 1.90.00) may result in denial of township assistance.

1.40.15. Refusing to sign the required "Reimbursement Authorization” (Schedule C) form for township assistance services received during the interim period an individual is awaiting a determination of eligibility from the Social Security Administration for Supplemental Security Income benefits is grounds for denial.  (IC 12-20-27-1.5)

1.40.16. Failure to complete assigned Workfare or to comply with the Workfare requirements as outlined by these standards (see 2.10.00 - 2.10.05) may result in denial of services for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty (180) days.  (IC 12-20-11-1 (h))

1.40.17. Failure to complete and maintain monthly report forms as required by governmental programs offering assistance for the basic necessities of living or failure to make application; or not cooperating with the agency by doing everything necessary to qualify and maintain public assistance is grounds for denial for up to sixty (60) days.  (IC 12-20-6-5).

1.40.18. All applicants are required to cooperate with and provide to the Trustee's office all necessary information for determining their eligibility. Cooperation may include a home inspection for all applicants for any type of assistance if the Trustee determines an inspection is necessary to decide eligibility or to ascertain if the home is safe and sanitary for habitation. Lack of cooperation will result in denial of assistance.  

1.40.19. An applicant’s request will be denied if he/she or another member of the household is found to have made an assignment or transfer of assets in order to make the household eligible for township assistance during the sixty (60) days immediately prior to the date of the filing of an affidavit and application for township assistance. 

1.40.20. The Trustee is not obligated to provide assistance needed as a result of loss or theft of money or other resources.

1.40.21. An applicant who fails to file paternity actions when necessary and appropriate, or fails to take the necessary legal action to pursue child support may be denied township assistance.

1.40.22. An applicant or a member of an applicant's household who fails to apply "one-time" monetary awards toward the household's monthly basic need expenses during the 180 days immediately preceding application has wasted resources and may be denied township assistance.  “One-time” monetary awards may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Energy Assistance, retroactive Social Security payments, Workmen's Compensation, inheritances, pensions, insurance settlements, income tax refunds, or any cash award.  (IC 12-20-16-1) (IC 12-7-2-200.5)

1.40.23. An applicant may not move into Wayne Township for the specific purpose of applying for and/or receiving township assistance services. The township trustee may deny township assistance to an individual if the township trustee determines that the individual does not intend to make the township or county the individual's sole place of residence.

1.40.24. The Township is not obligated to extend aid to a township assistance applicant or any member of an applicant's household, except for burial assistance, if any member of that household has been denied assistance or sanctioned by the local office of Division of Family Resources (including TANF) for non-compliance.  (IC 12-7-2-200.5) (IC 12-20-6-0.5)

1.40.25. The Trustee may not extend aid to or for the benefit of an individual (or household in which that individual resides) if that aid would pay for goods or services provided to or for the benefit of the individual during a period that the individual has previously applied for and been denied township assistance.  (IC 12-20-6-6.6)

1.40.26. The Trustee will not use township assistance funds to or for the benefit of individuals residing at an address that is being used for illegal activities. Clients whose residences are being used as sites for use or sale of illicit narcotics or controlled dangerous substances, gambling, or prostitution will be denied further assistance for one hundred eighty (180) days.

1.50.00. COUNTABLE INCOME DEFINED – "Countable income", means a monetary amount either paid to an applicant or a member of an applicant's household not more than thirty (30) days before the date of application for township assistance, or accrued and legally available for withdrawal by an applicant or a member of an applicant's household at the time of application or not more than thirty (30) days after the date of application for township assistance. The term includes the following:
(1) Gross wages before mandatory deductions.
(2) Social Security benefits, including Supplemental Security Income.
(3) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
(4) Unemployment compensation.
(5) Worker's compensation (except compensation that is restricted for the payment of medical expenses).
(6) Vacation pay.
(7) Sick benefits.
(8) Strike benefits.
(9) Private or public pensions.
(10) Taxable income from self-employment.
(11) Bartered goods and services provided by another individual for the payment of nonessential needs on behalf of an applicant or an applicant's household if monetary compensation or the provision of basic necessities would have been reasonably available from that individual.
(12) Child support.
(13) Gifts of cash, goods, or services.
(14) Other sources of revenue or services that the Trustee may reasonably determine to be countable income. (IC 12-7-2-44.7)

1.50.01. COUNTABLE INCOME – The “countable income” of all members of a household applying for township assistance will be used to determine eligibility. Income guidelines to be used for determining the eligibility of a given household may be found on Schedule H.  The Township shall provide necessary aid only when it does not violate any state or federal law.

1.60.00. RECEIPTS – Whenever an applicant applies for township assistance, all members of the household must verify how their income was expended.  Hand-written receipts $50 or more provided by friends or relatives are considered unacceptable unless notarized.  Only receipts for the basic necessities of living will be recognized.  Receipts from expenditures for court related expenses, such as: attorney fees, probationary fees, drug and alcohol program fees, fines, court costs, bail, user fees for an in-home detention program, restitution, judgments, or any other expenditures directly or indirectly associated with the applicant or a member of the applicant’s household because of his or her involvement with the courts may not be recognized as a legitimate expense.  Expenditures for items not considered "basic necessities" will be considered "wasted resources".  Expenditures undocumented by receipts will be counted as unexpended income.  Each household will be required to submit a monthly Household Budget Form (Schedule I). 

1.70.00. BASIC NECESSITIES DEFINED – "Basic necessities" includes those services or items essential to meet the minimum standards of health, safety, and decency, including the following:
(1) Medical care described in IC 12-20-16-2.
(2) Clothing and footwear.
(3) Food.
(4) Shelter.
(5) Transportation to seek and accept employment on a reasonable basis.
(6) Household essentials.
(7) Essential utility services.
(8) Other services or items the Trustee determines are necessities.
(IC 12-7-2-20.5)

1.80.00. COUNTABLE ASSETS – "Countable asset", for purposes of IC 12-20, means noncash property that is not necessary for the health, safety, or decent living standard of a household that:
(1) is owned wholly or in part by the applicant or a member of the applicant's household;
(2) the applicant or the household member has the legal right to sell or liquidate; and
(3) includes:
(A) real property other than property that is used for the production of income or that is the primary residence of the household;
(B) savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, bonds, stocks, and other intangibles that have a net cash value; and
(C) boats, other vehicles, or any other personal property used solely for recreational or entertainment purposes. (IC 12-7-2-44.6)

1.80.01. REPORTING COUNTABLE ASSETS – Upon request of the Trustee, a person holding assets or title to assets of a township assistance applicant or a member of the applicant's household shall provide the Trustee with information concerning the nature and value of those assets for purposes of determining the household's financial eligibility to receive township assistance. (IC 12-20-7-3.5)

1.90.00. LIQUIDATION – The Trustee shall not be obligated to provide continued assistance to households that have not liquidated any of the "countable assets" listed in 1.80.00 or other unnecessary items of a similar nature, as soon as possible, but no longer than sixty (60) days from the date that their initial application is filed. Nonessential assets purchased by any member of a household after having applied for township assistance must be liquidated immediately before further assistance can be authorized.

1.90.01. EXEMPTIONS – Assets which are exempt from liquidation will include one house or mobile home in which the household resides, and one automobile, so long as the equity does not jeopardize the household from qualifying for other state or federal assistance programs. Whenever the township assistance funds are used directly or indirectly to pay the household's mortgage payment, the Township may place a lien (see Schedule R) against the property in order to recover the equity value of such payments after the property has been sold.

2.00.00. EMPLOYMENT – If an applicant and/or any member of the applicant's household is in good health, the Trustee shall require that those able to work shall seek employment.  The Trustee shall refuse to furnish any township assistance until the Trustee is satisfied that the township assistance applicant or members of the applicant's household is endeavoring to find work.  Furthermore, if the applicant or household member is offered employment, regardless of whether the compensation is in the form of money, rent, or other necessities, or refuses employment at a reasonable compensation offered by any other individual, governmental agency, or employer; the Trustee shall not furnish assistance to the applicant until he or she performs the work or shows just cause for not performing the work.  All able adult members of the household must be willing to accept employment at the federal minimum wage level. The Trustee will also require all adult members of an applicant's household to participate in and cooperate with the Township’s employment program.  (IC 12-20-10-1 to 2)

2.00.01. MEDICAL EXEMPTION FROM WORK – If an applicant or a member of an applicant's household claims an inability to work due to health, the Trustee may require a current “Attending Physician's Statement” (Schedule Q) indicating whether the applicant or household member is able to perform work.  (IC 12-20-10-3.5)

2.10.00. WORKFARE – The Trustee shall obligate any adult member of a household receiving township assistance to participate in Workfare. Suitability to perform available work shall be determined by the Trustee. The Trustee shall require any adult member of a recipient household to do any work needed to be done within Allen County or an adjoining township in any other county for any non-profit agency or governmental unit, including the state, having jurisdiction in those townships.  (IC 12-20-10-3.5) and (IC 12-20-11-1)

2.10.01. WORKFARE CRITERIA – Unexcused absences for scheduled Workfare assignments, or failure to follow through with all requirements, will result in the discontinuance of township assistance for one hundred eighty (180) days.


Written Workfare guidelines (Schedule J) will be provided and explained to each Workfare recipient who will sign and receive a copy.  Any Workfare obligations incurred in another township will be carried forward to the gaining township, unless the applicant or household member failed to comply with the former township's guidelines for Workfare participation, at which point he or she will be denied.  (IC 12-20-11-1) and (IC 12-20-11-4)

2.10.02. WORKFARE PARTICIPATION – The recipient is required to maintain the minimum criteria necessary for the fulfillment of his/her work detail responsibility until such time as his/her obligation with the Township is satisfied.  Recipients shall not be permitted to voluntarily work in advance of receiving township assistance in order to accrue work detail credit.  It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to meet the criteria of Workfare participation.  In satisfying this obligation, only the recipient or members of the recipient’s household shall be allowed to perform the required work.

2.10.03. WORKFARE COMPENSATION – Work performed is considered a satisfaction of a condition for township assistance and is not considered as services performed for remuneration or as repayment for township assistance.  The recipient shall be required to do an amount of work that equals the value of assistance already received by his or her household.  The recipient shall receive credit for the work performed as assigned by the Trustee at a rate not less than the federal minimum wage. (IC 12-20-11-1 (c) and 12-20-11-5)

2.10.04. WORKFARE EXCEPTIONS – Recipients will be excused from Workfare only for the following reasons: 

a) The obligated individual is not physically able to perform the proposed work and provides medical evidence such as the Township’s “Attending Physician’s Statement” (Schedule Q).

b) The obligated individual is a minor or is at least sixty-five (65) years of age.

c)  The obligated individual has full-time employment at the time the recipient receives township assistance.

d)  The obligated individual is needed to care for an individual as a result of the individual's age or physical condition.

e)  The Trustee determines that there is no work available for any adult member of the recipient's household.

f)  The individual obligated to perform work is, at the direction of the Trustee, attending educational or self-help courses. (IC 12-20-11-1 (a))

2.20.00. FOOD ORDER ALLOTMENTS – Food allotments provided to an eligible household are determined by the household size and other criteria as established by these standards.  Food orders can only be purchased directly from a combined grocery and meat market.  The food allotment each household may receive is contained in Schedule K.  The Trustee will administer township assistance food allotments on a monthly basis. (IC 12-20-16-5 and 12-20-16-7)

2.20.01. FOOD ORDER LIMITATIONS – It shall be unlawful for the Trustee to issue a food purchase order for more than thirty (30) days unless the individual filed an application with the Trustee that includes evidence of an application for food stamps with the Family and Social Services Administration and the amount of assistance received or the reason for denial of assistance.  The only conditions under which the Trustee may purchase food for an eligible food stamp family are:

a) during the interim period when an applicant or a household is awaiting a determination of eligibility from the food stamp office and ending not more than five (5) days after the day the applicant or household becomes eligible to participate in the federal food stamp program. 

b)  upon loss of the family's food supply by spoilage, fire or act(s) of nature. 

c)  upon a written statement from a physician indicating that at least one (1) member of the household needs a special diet, the cost of which is greater than can be purchased with the household's allotment of food stamps. 

(d)  if the Trustee determines that an applicant or a household is in need of supplementary food assistance; and has participated in the federal food stamp program to the fullest extent allowable under federal and state law and supplementary food assistance is required by the circumstances of the particular case. (IC 12-20-16-6)

2.20.02. NON-FOOD ITEMS – Necessary household supplies, referred to as "paper products," will be administered according to the table found in Schedule K.  The Township may furnish other household necessities when a need is determined.  (IC 12-7-2-20.5)

2.30.00. SHELTER – The Township shall provide aid in whatever form is necessary to provide shelter or prevent the loss of shelter so long as such aid constitutes the most economical and practical method of relieving the applicant and does not violate any state or federal law.  Shelter payments for safe and decent housing will be based on the fair market value in Wayne Township and will comply with the amounts contained in Schedule L.  Clients will not be denied shelter assistance merely because they are buying their home.  However; the amount paid on behalf of a client may not exceed the shelter allowance standards contained in Schedule L, and must still meet the test of being the "most economical and practical" method of relieving the applicant.

2.30.01. SHELTER DEFINED – "Shelter" means a house, a mobile home, an apartment, a group of rooms, or a single room that is occupied or is intended for occupancy as separate living quarters where the occupant or intended occupant 1) does not live and eat with any other individual in the building; and 2) has direct access to the occupant's living quarters from the outside of the building or through a common hall.  Exceptions to the definition of "shelter" may include temporary group homes and/or shelters.  (IC 12-7-2-177)

2.30.02. SHELTER DOCUMENTATION – Whenever an applicant requests shelter assistance from the Trustee's office, a written information statement from the landlord, called a “Shelter Verification and Affidavit” (Schedule M) will be required.  This statement will include the full name of the landlord, any agent who will be acting for the landlord, his or her mailing address and telephone number, and other data necessary to determine the eligibility of the household requesting the assistance.  The statement will indicate whether or not the landlord will accept shelter payment from the Trustee's office, the amount of rent to be charged, the rent due date, what appliances are furnished, what utilities are provided, and the number of individuals in the household.  The landlord must agree not to evict the applicant for thirty (30) days after signing a rental payment purchase order. The lease must be in the name of an adult member of the applicant's household, and a copy of the lease must be furnished to the Trustee.

2.30.03. SHELTER INSPECTION – A Township housing inspector shall use HUD standards, local building codes, and municipal ordinances in determining a housing structure's suitability for habitation. (IC 12-20-16-17) Substandard housing that does not meet minimum standards of health, safety, and construction is not eligible for the maximum level of shelter payments.

2.30.04. SHELTER DEPOSITS – The Trustee is not obligated to spend township assistance funds for a shelter (damage or security) deposit for an eligible township assistance applicant or household.

2.30.05. SHELTER LIMITATIONS – In compliance with IC 12-20-6-10 the Trustee may not use township assistance funds to pay the cost of an applicant's shelter to a relative who is the applicant's landlord if the applicant lives in 1) the same household as the relative or 2) housing separate from the relative that is either unencumbered by mortgage or that has not been previously rented by the relative to a different tenant at a reasonable market rate for at least six (6) months.  The Trustee will not pay for shelter assistance for circumstances listed in 1.40.05 of these standards or where the landlord resides at same address as the applicant. The Trustee will not use township assistance funds to or for the benefit of individuals residing at an address that has been deemed as used for illegal activities. Applicants seeking shelter assistance must make application in the month the shelter payment is due.

2.30.06. SHELTER LIEN (RELATIVE) – If shelter payments are made to a relative of a township assistance applicant on behalf of the applicant or a member of the applicant's household, that are not in conflict with 2.30.03 of these Standards, the Trustee may file a lien against the relative's real property for the amount of township assistance granted toward shelter (See Schedule R). (IC 12-20-6-10 (d))

2.30.07. SHELTER LIEN (APPLICANT) – Applicants will not be denied shelter assistance merely because they are buying their home.  However, the decision to provide a house payment will be based on whether it is the most economical and practical method of relieving the applicant.  The Trustee may require the applicant to execute documents granting a lien against the real estate (Schedule R).  The Township will not consider assisting with a second mortgage or consolidation loan taken out against the applicant’s shelter.

2.30.08. SHELTER MOVING – Applicants who move from shelter provided by a relative, or from any form, kind, or type of subsidized shelter in the sixty (60) days immediately preceding their application for township assistance, may be declared ineligible for township assistance on the grounds of “Wasted Resources.” (IC 12-7-2-200.5)

2.30.09. SHELTER EMERGENCY PROGRAMS – Emergency shelter assistance (defined here as a facility that provides temporary emergency housing assistance) may be provided to an individual or household that has spent the prior night, or has the likelihood of spending the coming night, in an environment considered to be unsafe or unhealthy.  However, the Trustee is not obligated to enter into a contract with, or to pay shelter costs to, a shelter that is supported by state or federal funds.  (IC 12-20-17-2)

2.30.10. TRANSITIONAL HOUSING – Wayne Township may pay up to $200.00 a month for a lifetime maximum of ninety (90) days at an approved transitional housing facility.  (IC 12-20-13-1)  In an emergency situation, where applicants are without shelter, the Trustee may refer those applicants to whatever shelter is available.

2.40.00. UTILITY SERVICE AND/OR HEATING FUELS – The Trustee may, in cases of necessity, authorize the payment of water, gas or fuels used for heating or cooking and electric services, including the payment of delinquent bills for such services, when necessary to prevent disconnection or to restore terminated services.  There are, however, some limitations: 

1) The Township will only consider assistance with actual utility service used (no deposits, trip charges, reconnection fees etc.).

2) The Township will not pay for illegally secured utility service, such as service run from a utility meter that has been tampered with.

3) The Township will not consider the payment of utility bills if such aid requested would pay for services provided to or for the benefit of the individual or household during a period that the individual or household had previously applied for and been denied township assistance.  (IC 12-20-6-6.6)

4) The Township will not consider the payment of "master metered" utility service, when more than one household is served by the same meter.

5) The Township will not consider the payment of estimated utility bills or bills older than twenty-four (24) months.

 6) The Township is not obligated to pay for service used during any time period when the household was not financially eligible for assistance.

7) The Township has developed a Monthly Utility Allotment Schedule (S) that governs the amount of township assistance available to an eligible household for utilities.


2.40.01. ENERGY PROGRAMS  –   During the part of the year when applications for assistance are accepted by the state's Energy Assistance Program, the Township will not   provide assistance or make any part of a payment for heating fuel or electric services for more than thirty (30) days unless the individual files, and provides evidence of filing, for assistance with that program.  The Trustee will either refer the applicant to the state's Energy Assistance Program, or the Trustee may certify that the township assistance applicant would be
eligible using the criteria established for this purpose by the state.  The certification shall be on an application form prescribed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  The Trustee will neither certify nor process Energy Assistance applications for non-township assistance clients.  (IC 12-20-16-3(e))

2.40.02. ENERGY PROGRAMS/APPLICANT'S RESPONSIBILITY – During the time the applicant or member of the applicant's household has been approved for the Energy Assistance Program, the applicant and/or member of the applicant's household must continue to make payments on their utility bills as reasonably determined by the Trustee.  Once the Energy Program has ended, the Trustee will not authorize utility assistance if the applicant or member of the applicant’s household has not made payments unless they have evidence of other emergency payments that prohibited them from making utility payments. (IC 12-20-16-1)

2.50.00 TELEPHONE SERVICES – The Trustee recognizes the telephone as a basic necessity and may authorize payment of an applicant’s telephone service.  The Trustee may authorize payment for the most cost-effective service only. (See Schedule T).

2.60.00. BURIAL AND FUNERAL OR CREMATION REQUEST – A surviving family member of a deceased individual or a funeral director may apply for burial assistance.  The formal request will involve the completion of the Affidavit and Application for Township Assistance TA-1 (Schedule A). Assistance will only be considered prior to services being rendered.

2.60.01. BURIAL EXPENSES ALLOWED – The Trustee will utilize Schedule O when providing burial and funeral or cremation assistance.  The Township will not pay for the cost of transporting the remains of any deceased indigent person back to Wayne Township or to any place outside of this township, nor will the Trustee pay for transportation to attend funerals.  The Trustee will not supplement the cost of services, nor supplement other means of payment for services such as insurance policies. Rather, payment of benefits from any other source will be deducted from the Township’s allowable maximum. (IC 12-20-16-12)

2.60.02. REIMBURSEMENT FOR BURIAL COSTS – A Trustee who provides funeral and burial or cremation benefits to a deceased individual is entitled to a first priority claim, to the extent of the cost of the funeral and burial or cremation benefits paid by the Township, against any money or other personal property held by the coroner under IC 36-2-14-11.  (IC 12-20-16-12 (f))

2.60.03. CREMATION – The Trustee will not cremate a deceased individual if the deceased individual, or a surviving family member of the deceased individual, has objected in writing to cremation.  (IC 12-20-16-12 (g))

2.70.00. MEDICAL SERVICES – The Township shall, in cases of necessity, promptly provide medical assistance for qualifying township assistance applicants who are not provided for in public institutions, or presently receiving or qualifying for Medicaid.  Medicines and/or medical supplies that are prescribed by a physician will be properly furnished, unless the medical services being sought are available through another governmental, insurance, social service agency or private program.  All applicants will be required to make an application with Medicaid, Hospital Care for the Indigent (HCI), or any other applicable program.  The Township is not obligated to assist with "co-payments."  (IC 12-20-16-2)

2.70.01 MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS – The Trustee may not provide medical assistance under the township assistance program, if the applicant could qualify for the same service under IC 12-16, Medicaid, or other governmental medical programs.  (IC 12-20-16-2 (b))

2.70.02 MEDICAL SERVICES PROVIDED – Under IC 12-20-16-2 (c) the Township shall only pay for the following medical services for the eligible and qualifying township assistance applicant: 

a) up to a thirty (day) supply of a prescription or over the counter drug as prescribed by a local physician (prescribed within the prior thirty (30) days) provided the applicant is eligible for township assistance and cannot obtain the prescription or over-the-counter drug through Matthew 25 Health Clinic, or any other program providing a similar service. Only income received by the applicant (patient) will be considered in determining eligibility for prescription medication, unless another household member is legally responsible for the applicant (spouse, child, legal guardian).

b) office calls to a physician, provided the individual could not be treated at Matthew 25 Health Clinic or any other program providing a similar service, and having obtained prior authorization from the Trustee.  The Township cannot pay the cost of visits to a medical specialist, unless the applicant was first referred to a specialist by a licensed general practitioner.

c) dental care needed to relieve pain or infection or to repair cavities, provided the individual could not be treated at Matthew 25 Health Clinic, or any other program providing a similar service.  The Township may only pay the cost of fillings and extractions not covered by other tax supported programs.  The Township will not pay the initial cost of dentures.

d) emergency room treatment that is of an emergency nature, provided a proper request for the service is made to the Township office by the applicant or a member of the applicant's household, within fifteen (15) working days prior to the time the services are rendered.  However, a medical emergency is not considered to exist in situations where the illness/injury could have been treated during a routine office call by a family doctor, and the applicant could have made contact with the Township office before such visit.

e) pre-operation testing prescribed by a licensed physician.

f) x-rays and laboratory testing as prescribed by a licensed physician.

g) physical therapy prescribed by a licensed physician.

h) eyeglasses, provided the applicant has exhausted all other programs providing a similar service.

i)  repair or replacement, but not the initial cost, of a prosthesis not provided for by other tax-supported, state or federal programs.

j)  insulin and items needed to administer insulin.

2.70.03. MEDICAL PAYMENT SCHEDULE – In accordance with the provisions of IC 12-20-16, the Township shall utilize the Indiana Medicaid Payment Schedule for determining the amount to be paid by the Township for medical services rendered.  The Township is under no obligation to provide for medical services and/or prescription drugs that are excluded for payment by the Indiana Medicaid Program.

2.70.04. INTERIM MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AND REIMBURSEMENT – During the application pending period for Medicaid (IC 12-15) or other governmental medical programs, the Trustee may provide interim medical services, if the township assistance applicant is reasonably complying with all requirements of the application process.  Unless prohibited by law, the Township will seek reimbursement for the payment of medical services, provided the individual for whom the services were rendered is eligible for medical services under a state medical plan. (IC 12-20-16-2 (b)) and (IC 12-20-16-2 (e))

2.80.00. TRANSPORTATION – The Township may provide transportation to individuals seeking employment within or outside the Township only when there is reasonable evidence provided by the applicant and verified by the Township that employment is available and transportation is necessary. 

2.80.01. TRANSPORTATION/NON-RESIDENTS – The Township will only assist a non-resident with transportation in the case of an emergency, as determined by the Trustee, and only after establishing the legal residence of the individual applying for assistance. The transportation provided must be in the direction of the non-resident's legal address unless it is shown that the individual in need has a valid claim for support or a means of support in some other place to which the individual asks to be sent.  Citizenship and criminal records will be checked prior to any assistance for transportation.  (IC 12-20-16-11)

2.80.02. TRANSPORTATION AND RE-APPLICATION – Any individual who has been sent to a place of settlement, by court order, or is transported there at public expense (including township assistance), and who again reapplies for assistance in the township from which the individual or member of the individual's household was sent, may be denied township assistance for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days.  (IC 12-20-9-6)

2.90.00. ESTATES – Subject to IC 12-20-11-05(b) a Trustee who furnishes township assistance, may file a claim against the estate of a township assistance recipient who 1) dies, leaving an estate; and 2) is not survived by a spouse, disabled adult dependent, or dependent child less than eighteen (18) years of age for the value of township assistance given the recipient before the recipient's death.  The estate of a township assistance recipient includes any money or other personal property in the possession of a coroner under IC 36-2-14-11.  (IC 12-20-27-1)

3.00.00. FUTURE THIRD PARTY BENEFITS – If a Trustee anticipates that a township assistance applicant or a member of the applicant's household is likely to receive a judgment, compensation, or monetary benefits from a third party, the Trustee may require the applicant or the affected member of the applicant's household to enter into a subrogation agreement for repayment of any township assistance benefit provided by the Township during the interim period.  Failure of an applicant or member of an applicant's household to sign the necessary authorizations for reimbursement to the Township shall result in a denial of township assistance.  (IC 12-20-27-1.5 (b))

3.00.01. INTERIM PERIOD DEFINED – "Interim period" means the period beginning when a Township Trustee obtains from a township assistance applicant or member of the applicant's household, an agreement or authorization and ending when the applicant or household member receives the judgment, compensation, or monetary benefit or leaves the household.  (IC 12-20-27-1.5 (a))

3.10.00. SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME – An applicant or member of an applicant's household must make an application with the Social Security Office when referred there by the Trustee’s office. Individuals must sign a Social Security Administration's Reimbursement Authorization form (Schedule C) for the repayment of any township benefits provided by the Township during the interim period. Failure to sign the Reimbursement Form will result in denial of township benefits.  (IC 12-20-27.1.5 (b))

3.20.00. CONCLUSION – All decisions regarding eligibility will be based on these standards and the Indiana Township Assistance statutes. The Trustee shall always consider whether the applicant's or the household's needs can be relieved by means other than an expenditure of township money (IC 12-20-17-1).  The Township shall not be obligated to pay for services or the cost of goods incurred when an applicant's household had sufficient income or resources to have paid for either the goods or services.  These standards will be adopted by the Township Board and posted at the Township Trustee's Office.  Additional copies will be furnished to the County Commissioner's.  Any member of the public will be permitted to inspect and copy these standards at his or her own expense.  The Standards will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect changes in the cost of basic necessities in the Township and changes in law. (IC 12-20-5.5-1 to 3)

4.00.00. SEVERABILITY – Should a court of competent jurisdiction declare any of these standards unconstitutional, unlawful, or unenforceable, all other parts shall be separate from such and remain in full force and effect until duly amended, revised or replaced according to law.

5.00.00. COURTESY – We expect everyone who comes into the Township office to be treated in a courteous and dignified manner.  We likewise expect the staff of the Township to be treated in a similar manner.  The Township office is intent on assisting those in need and will endeavor to provide necessary assistance within the limits of the law and these Standards.



The essential commitment of the Wayne Township Trustee's Office is to provide prompt, necessary relief to eligible citizens and residents of our township. Our office is dedicated to the important role of providing temporary emergency assistance to those whose personal efforts have not enabled them to meet life's challenges on their own.

The Trustee’s Office is keenly aware of its dual roles. It is a community leader in countering the effects of the cycles of poverty while maintaining careful guardianship of the taxpayer’s resources.




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