Wayne Township Trustee Office Building

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Wayne Township Board Meeting
August 8, 2017
Wayne Township Trustee Office

PRESENT:      Richard Stevenson Sr., Trustee
Bruce Stier, Board Chair
Anthony Henry, Board Secretary
Patricia Turner, Board Chair of Finance
Curtis Whittaker, Financial Advisor
Mark GiaQuinta, Attorney
Ramadan Abdul-Azeez, Blue Marble Contractor
SuzAnne Runge, Acting Recording Secretary

ABSENT:       Patsy Brewer, Recording Secretary

    The meeting was called to order with a roll call by Board Chair Bruce Stier at 4:30 p.m. 

    Board Chair of Finance Patricia Turner made motion to approve the Minutes of July 11, 2017.  Board Secretary Anthony Henry seconded.  All in favor, motion carried.  

    Curtis Whittaker presented the Financial Reports.

    Resolution WTR-1708 –07 Resolution pursuant to I.C. 36-1-11-8 authorizing the transfer of property from the Office of the Wayne Township Trustee to the State of Indiana

Attorney Mark GiaQuinta mentioned that this Resolution is for authorizing the transfer of property for the purpose of improving the accessibility of the Lafayette Street crosswalk over to the State of Indiana (INDOT).

Patricia Turner made a motion to approve Resolution WTR-1708-07.  Bruce Stier seconded.  All in favor, motion carried.

    Resolution WTR-1708-08—Resolution Approving Temporary Loan from the Rainy Day Fund to Township Assistance.

Financial Advisor Curtis Whittaker presented Resolution WTR-1708-08.

Ms. Turner made a motion to approve Resolution WTR-1708-08.  Mr. Henry seconded.  All in favor motion carried.

    Resolution WTR-1708-09—Resolution approving Lighting Efficiency Project and Replacement of Roof.

Mike DePew, Workfare & Maintenance Director, presented bids from roofing companies, and Ramadan Abdul-Azeez presented a plan to replace inside lighting.  After discussion it was decided to table this motion, separate the issues into two separate resolutions and, after pursuing more bids, to hold a special board meeting to address these issues again.  It was approved to pay Mr. Abdul-Azeez for the work done to arrange the lighting plan as moved by Bruce Stier and seconded by Anthony Henry.

    Chair Stier announced that there will be a Public Hearing regarding the Proposed 2018 Budget on September 12, 2017.  The next regular Business meeting is September 12, 2017.

There were no additional comments by the Trustee, the Board members, Wayne Township Taxpayers, or other meeting attendees.

    Meeting was adjourned by Chair Stier.